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Team Leader:

Dr. Ewa Milnerowicz-Nabzdyk

MD PhD, Associate Professor. Specialist in oncological gynecology and specialist in obstetrics & gynecology


Director of Gynecological Oncology Department in the Centre of Oncology in Opole, Poland.

Professional interests: adavanced laparoscopic procedures in oncology, advanced laparoscopic procedures in deep infiltrating endometriosis, and pelvic anatomy.

Team Members:

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Dr. Katarzyna

A specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology since 2011, PhD since 2015, specialist in Oncological Gynecology  since 2019 , interested in oncology and laparoscopic procedure in oncology and endometriosis

Dr. Nowak

Doctor in Gynecological Oncology Department in the Centre of Oncology , Opole Poland.

Doctor in Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, Wroclaw Poland.

Main activity: 
Laparoscopic gynecological surgery , laparoscopical procedures in oncology 

Dr. Zofia

Medical Doctor, specialist in obstetrics & gynecology since 2015. Focused on laparoscopic surgery applications in gynecology; mainly in endometriosis, reproductive medicine and oncology. 

Professional experience acquired in many hospitals in Poland ( Wroclaw Medical University Center, Medfemina Medical Center, Medicover Hospital Warsaw, Oncology Center Opole ) and EU ( NHS New Cross Hospital Wolverhampton/ UK, NHS King’s College Hospital London/UK,  CHU Grenoble/France).

Dr. Joanna

A specialist in Oncological Gynecology. For many years she has been particularly interested in the genetics of neoplastic diseases and a group of patients with hereditary neoplasms. She has also been supervising these patients as well as laparoscopic preventive treatments. In 2020, she graduated from the specialization in clinical genetics.

She is planning to defend her doctoral dissertation about the impact of adnexectomy on the survival of patients with a mutation in the CHEK2 gene and breast cancer. She is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Opole. 

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Dr. Kalus

A specialist in gynecological oncology and obstetrics & gynecology. 

Professional interests: laparoscopic procedures in gynecological

Dr. Tomasz

Chief of Oncological Surgeon at the Centre of Oncology in Opole, Poland.

Dr. Rafal

General Surgeon

Dr. Maciej

Oncological Surgeon

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Dr. Maciej Miodoński

Oncological Surgeon

Dr. Anita

35 years old. A specialist in ob& gyn since 2019. She started speciality in gynecological oncology in 2019 at the Oncology Center in Opole.“Oportunity to work in the operating room gives me a lot of satisfaction”.

Dr. George

Short Biography