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Since its beginnings in 1945, the KARL STORZ family company has grown into a global manufacturer and distributor of endoscopes, medical instruments, and devices. We are no giant on an international scale but a leader in the things that matter: creativity, flexibility, and expertise.

Our range of endoscopic instruments for human medicine, veterinary medicine, and industrial endoscopy now includes more than 15,000 products. The most recent KARL STORZ developments are in digital documentation systems and comprehensive operating room concepts. As a system supplier, the company combines its expertise in endoscopy with software solutions to achieve integration in the operating room and to support clinical process and resource management.



Hysteroscopy in the diagnosis and therapy of intrauterine disorders is now standard procedure in clinics and, to an increasing extent, in outpatient settings and private practices. Thanks to the miniaturization of the hysteroscopes, many procedures can now be performed with a minimum of trauma and without general anesthesia away from the OR. KARL STORZ has played a major role in this development and offers a number of "office" hysteroscopes with very small diameters.

Along with a product line for standard gynecological procedures using hysteroscopic and/or laparoscopic techniques, the KARL STORZ portfolio also includes endoscopes and specialized instruments for reproductive surgery and fetoscopy.

Many gynecological procedures today can be performed using laparoscopic surgical techniques. Our product range is constantly being expanded not only to include morcellation systems or uterine manipulators for standard procedures such as myoma enucleation or supracervical hysterectomies (LASH) but also to offer instruments for niches such as the creation of laparoscopic-assisted neovagina.


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