1st Ever Virtual




7th International Winners Meeting

Saturday, 10 October 2020

(GMT+2) 13:00

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Category 1 - Lectures:                                             Only 4 Team Nominees will qualify 

Category 2 - Tips & Tricks:                                   All Teams will be present

Category 3 - Un-edited Live Surgery:          Only 6 Team Nominees will qualify 

Category 4 - Suturing Competition:             All Team Will compete LIVE on the qualifying rounds

What is Winners Meeting?

The winners project was initially founded by Prof. Arnaud Wattiez. It was established in conjunction with his clinical fellows with the concept of creating a platform where high quality endoscopic training and education could be freely accessible to all, on both a national and international scale. 


​The Winners project has continued to push boundaries and exists in many different forms notably winners day, winners corner, winners bingo and the winners meeting.​The Winners Project has been well aware of the growing need and demand for a recognized, structured educational program incorporating both theoretical and practical skill sets.

The annual winners meeting developed as a natural progression in a bid to create a unique meeting far removed from the classic congress models. The concept was to bring together young people with a common interest in minimal access surgery where ideas could be exchanged and experiences shared whilst at the same time establishing strong foundations for the next generation of endoscopists.








Porto Heli, Greece

Troia, Portugal

Barcelona, Spain

Rome, Italy

Budapest, Hungary

Nice, France

No upcoming events at the moment

1st Ever Virtual



Join us in the 1st Ever Virtual Winners Meeting!

The 7th Annual Winners Meeting was supposed to be held in Berlin this year, 2020. Due to the pandemic, together with the challenges we're facing in our modern world, the team has decided to make our gathering possible.


Your safety is important to us, so we took the extra mile to have us all connected— through the internet!


Therefore, we would like to invite you all to share your experiences and to take the next step forward to improving the life of our patients by developing a minimally invasive approach to surgery.



Our panel will select on each category the best team and will deliberate who will be qualifying and compete in our virtual meeting for the final round.

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