Company Profile:

Founded in 2008 by a world-leading scientist, BioRegen Biomedical Co., Ltd is a Sino-foreign joint-venture which is committed to health undertakings by providing innovative and outstanding solutions for numerous patients in many important medical fields.

Based on its self-crosslinking technology, which is protected by 44 international patents, BioRegen developed unique and novel products - crosslinked hyaluronic acid gel for postoperative adhesion prevention, injury healing and tissue regeneration.

Our Featured Products:

The MateRegen® Gel 

(Intrauterine Adhesion Barrier) - prevent IUA, promote functional healing of endometrium and improve pregnancy rate.

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The HyaRegen® Gel 

(Absorbable Adhesion Barrier) - prevent adhesion in abdominopelvic cavity, promote injury healing and provide comprehensive protection.

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